Thursday, June 24, 2004

Crazy Times!!

Man, what a night! I dunno if I overdid it, but I think we all appreciated CLIFF last night. I never realized how much I have separated myself from them. I really missed that feeling. It was great. I had great conversations and heart-to-heart talks yesterday. Sometimes being a Youth Leader is tough, but man days like yesterday brings it all together, ya know?It's great. Life's great. I am blessed, and I can be too stubborn to realize iy sometimes....

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


New journal, eh? Grande. I wanted to find a site for US. A place to be spiritual,emotional, or just plain stupid, ya know!! ( Don't worry...I got that one covered!) Listen, God leads us on a crazy ride at times. Allwe can do is hold on, and learn...but mostimportant, praise and have fun!! I will be checking on this daily, so just have fun, as I will be on my slow days at the bank...Hmmmmmm....

God Bless!!!